Contributors Summary Macro Shows Data to Anonymous Users

Type atlassian
Reporter bernd.lindner
Modified 2018-10-11T09:03:15


h2. Steps to reproduce # In Global Permission, ensure Anonymous users "Can Use" Confluence # Create new Space , eg: SpaceA Go To Space Tools > Permissions > Edit Permission > Ensure Anonymous Users has "View" Permission Create a few test pages in SpaceA # Then, create a page containing both Contributors Macro and Contributors Summary Macro !LoginUser.png|thumbnail! # Logout from Confluence and access the page created in Step 3

h2. Expected Behaviour:

Confluence will not shows data and shows message that user is not authorized to see the data from the macro.

h2. Actual Behaviour

Contributors Summary Macro shows data when Anonymous user accessing the page while Contributors Macro will throws " Failed to retrieve contributors information: Unauthorized" message. !AnonUser.png|thumbnail!