Editing "Global Templates" possible without admin login

Type atlassian
Reporter gregor.hammerschmidt1
Modified 2018-10-11T08:37:50


If you are logged in to the admin panel you get the following line: {quote}You have temporary access to administrative functions. Drop access if you no longer require it. For more information, refer to the documentation.{quote}

Pressing "Drop access" redirects you to the normal Wiki page, away from the admin-pannel. Though if you click the link being on the "Global Templates" page (<INSTALLATION>/pages/templates2/listglobaltemplates.action) you are staying within the admin panel. If you click any other link you are redirected to the login-page.

As for usability I would have thought you are redirected to the main wiki page in any case.

EDIT I can also edit Global Templates without being logged in as administrator. According the documentation this shouldn't be possible (https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/DOC/Working+with+Templates). This would make this a major issue in my eyes. Everyone can edit the welcome page of the wiki for example!