Restricted page at the Home Page layer is shown at the sidebar page tree

Type atlassian
Modified 2017-04-02T05:39:38


h3. Problem

The page which is restricted to user A only is shown on the page tree and the left sidebar when the page is at the top level of the page tree which is at the same level at the home page.

This is replicable on my dev instance.

Create a test space.

Create Page A and make sure the location is at the top layer of the space.

Create Page B and restricted to sysadmin only and again make sure the location is set at the top layer of the space.

Configure sidebar to show in page tree

Log in with a user with only confluence-user permission.

When the user access Page A, he will be able to see Page B appear at the page tree at the sidebar but when he click at the link, the page with error message {{You do not have permission to view this page. Request access below, you will receive an email when you've been granted access.}} will shown.

h3. Workaround Configure sidebar to use child pages as navigation display instead. Use a Home Page as a top layer for all the pages.