Better error message when viewing an embedded calendar as an unprivileged user

Type atlassian
Modified 2017-04-02T09:29:06


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On our site's dashboard I have a calendar macro defined as:


The result is something that looks like this: !User with View Rights.JPEG!

After using the new features from TEAMCAL-102 to restrict view access of one of those calendars, users who don't have view rights to that calendar now see a huge warning on our site: !User without View Rights.JPEG!

I believe the appropriate user experience would be to see no errors and no indication that there is a calendar that they do not have access to. I understand this has to be balanced with the requirement for editors to know if they fat-finger a calendar id in their macros when editing, and the error is probably useful then. But big red boxes on dashboards are worse.

Marking as critical because I believe this is a significant bug that will impact many users as they begin to utilize the new features from TEAMCAL-102.