Restrictions not applied for inline comments in attachments

Type atlassian
Reporter stefan.fleckenstein1
Modified 2017-02-17T04:28:57


When there is a comment for a file which is attached to a restricted page, all users can see the comment, even the ones who are not allowed to see the page and its attachments.

h3. Workaround for 5.7

There is no workaround for customers running Confluence 5.7. Customers are advised to upgrade to Confluence 5.7.1.

h3. Workaround for 5.7.1

While the problem is fixed in Confluence 5.7.1, file annotations that were created prior to 5.7.1 will continue to show on the dashboard and in search. The workaround is to reindex the instance using the "Content Indexing" admin page.