"Contact Administrators" Process Doesn't Exclude Disabled Administrators

Type atlassian
Reporter scahyadiputra
Modified 2017-03-04T00:01:17


h3. Steps to Reproduce:

Create a new test user

Add the newly created user into {{confluence-administrators}} group

Disabled the new test user

Access the following URL

{code}<Server Base URL>/500page.jsp{code}

Click the "Confluence Administrators" link which will redirect you to this URL

{code}<Server Base URL>/contactadministrators.action{code}

Send the "Contact Administrators" form

h3. Expected Results:

Confluence should respect the status of the member of {{confluence-administrators}}, whether it is disabled or not. Sending an e-mail to a disabled user is a broken process.

h3. Actual Results:

Confluence does not respect the "ACTIVE" parameter in the database and blindly send email to all members of {{confluence-administrators}}