Incorrect permission check for deployment projects (CVE-2017-8907)

Type atlassian
Reporter dblack
Modified 2019-08-19T02:05:40


Bamboo did not correctly check if a user creating a deployment project had the edit permission and therefore the rights to do so. An attacker who can login to Bamboo as a user without the edit permission for deployment projects is able to use this vulnerability, provided there is an existing plan with a green build, to create a deployment project and execute arbitrary code on an available Bamboo Agent. By default a local agent is enabled this means that code execution can occur on the system hosting Bamboo as the user running Bamboo.

Affected versions: * Versions of Bamboo starting with 5.0.0 before 5.15.7 (the fixed version for 5.15.x) and from 6.0.0 before 6.0.1 (the fixed version for 6.0.x) are affected by this vulnerability.

Fix: * Bamboo 6.0.3 is available to download from []. * Bamboo 5.15.7 is available to download from [].

Acknowledgements Atlassian would like to credit Iordache Cosmin (@inhibitor181) for reporting this issue to us.

For additional details see the [full advisory|].