CVE-2015-8360: Deserialisation Resulting in Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Type atlassian
Reporter pbruski
Modified 2019-11-13T23:55:20


Bamboo had a resource that deserialised arbitrary user input without restriction. Attackers can use this vulnerability to execute Java code of their choice on systems that have a vulnerable version of Bamboo. To exploit this issue, attackers need to be able to access the Bamboo JMS port (port 54663 by default).

Affected versions: * All versions of Bamboo from 2.3.1 before 5.9.9 (the fixed version for 5.9.x) are affected by this vulnerability.

\ Fix: * Bamboo 5.10.0 is available for download from * Bamboo 5.9.9 is available for download from

\ For additional details see the [full advisory|].