Security fix for the ALT Linux 10 package thunderbird version 78.10.0-alt1


April 26, 2021 Andrey Cherepanov 78.10.0-alt1 - New version (78.10.0). - Security fixes: + CVE-2021-23994 Out of bound write due to lazy initialization + CVE-2021-23995 Use-after-free in Responsive Design Mode + CVE-2021-23998 Secure Lock icon could have been spoofed + CVE-2021-23961 More internal network hosts could have been probed by a malicious webpage + CVE-2021-23999 Blob URLs may have been granted additional privileges + CVE-2021-24002 Arbitrary FTP command execution on FTP servers using an encoded URL + CVE-2021-29945 Incorrect size computation in WebAssembly JIT could lead to null-reads + CVE-2021-29946 Port blocking could be bypassed + CVE-2021-29948 Race condition when reading from disk while verifying signatures + CVE-2021-23991 An attacker may use Thunderbird's OpenPGP key refresh mechanism to poison an existing key + CVE-2021-23992 A crafted OpenPGP key with an invalid user ID could be used to confuse the user + CVE-2021-23993 Inability to send encrypted OpenPGP email after importing a crafted OpenPGP key + CVE-2021-29949 Thunderbird might execute an alternative OTR library + CVE-2021-23981 Texture upload into an unbound backing buffer resulted in an out-of-bound read + CVE-2021-23982 Internal network hosts could have been probed by a malicious webpage + CVE-2021-23984 Malicious extensions could have spoofed popup information + CVE-2021-23987 Memory safety bugs fixed in Thunderbird 78.9

Affected Package

OS OS Version Package Name Package Version
ALT Linux 10 thunderbird-102.9.0-alt1.src.rpm 78.10.0-alt1
ALT Linux 10 rpm-build-thunderbird-102.9.0-alt1.x86_64.rpm 78.10.0-alt1
ALT Linux 10 thunderbird-102.9.0-alt1.x86_64.rpm 78.10.0-alt1
ALT Linux 10 thunderbird-wayland-102.9.0-alt1.x86_64.rpm 78.10.0-alt1
ALT Linux 10 rpm-build-thunderbird-102.9.0-alt1.i586.rpm 78.10.0-alt1
ALT Linux 10 thunderbird-102.9.0-alt1.i586.rpm 78.10.0-alt1
ALT Linux 10 thunderbird-wayland-102.9.0-alt1.i586.rpm 78.10.0-alt1
ALT Linux 10 rpm-build-thunderbird-102.9.0-alt1.aarch64.rpm 78.10.0-alt1
ALT Linux 10 thunderbird-102.9.0-alt1.aarch64.rpm 78.10.0-alt1
ALT Linux 10 thunderbird-wayland-102.9.0-alt1.aarch64.rpm 78.10.0-alt1
ALT Linux 10 rpm-build-thunderbird-102.9.0-alt1.ppc64le.rpm 78.10.0-alt1
ALT Linux 10 thunderbird-102.9.0-alt1.ppc64le.rpm 78.10.0-alt1
ALT Linux 10 thunderbird-wayland-102.9.0-alt1.ppc64le.rpm 78.10.0-alt1
ALT Linux 10 i586-thunderbird-102.9.0-alt1.i586.rpm 78.10.0-alt1