Prolexic Platform Enhancements - New APJ Scrubbing Centers and More

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Reporter Don Ng
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by Don Ng and Greg Burns

This October, Akamai is announcing the turn-up of two additional Prolexic DDoS mitigation scrubbing centers in Singapore and Osaka, building on the nine previous scrubbing centers turned up this year and adding to our existing APJ footprint in Sydney, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. The new regional centers add approximately 800 Gbps to the Prolexic platform's bandwidth to 7.8 Tbps of dedicated attack mitigation capacity.

The Singapore scrubbing center is designed to benefit both Singapore and ASEAN customers with increased performance and lower latency. Inbound traffic from end users in Southeastern Asia will be attracted to this scrubbing center, providing significant routing and round-trip-time performance enhancements due to the shorter distance to a Prolexic scrubbing center. The Osaka center scrubbing center provides the same benefit for customers located in Japan and surrounding regions.

In February 2018, Akamai defended a customer against a record-setting memcached attack that peaked at 1.3 Tbps. This attack was mitigated prior to adding new scrubbing centers and capacity of this year, with only seven scrubbing centers and 3.5 Tbps total capacity at the time (current 7.8 Tbps). Akamai's continued investment in the Prolexic platform is intended to ensure that we have sufficient bandwidth to rapidly detect and effectively mitigate any new and growing attack vectors, and demonstrates our commitment to maintaining platform capacity at a level that exceeds the largest documented prior DDoS attack volume by a safe multiple of 3x to 5x. No one has proven to fight the largest, and most complex DDoS attacks around the globe with the track record and effective SLA-backed capabilities - as well as Akamai.

Prolexic now adds another industry-first - a zero-second Time to Mitigate SLA. We quietly talked about proactive mitigation controls back in the spring, but now we're ready to roll out this capability more broadly, and any DDoS attack vector that matches a proactive mitigation control will backed by this zero-second time-to-mitigate SLA.

In addition, existing Prolexic Routed customers will have the option to configure additional GRE tunnels to the new regional scrubbing centers, providing higher levels of resilience through redundancy and added peering with carriers and routing options. Akamai is now offering CIR rates up to 6.0 Gbps per customer data center, in tandem with the added platform resilience and turnup of new regional scrubbing centers in most regions, progressively. Additional GRE tunnels are required to be purchased and configured to support per-data center CIR greater than 2.0 Gbps, and diversity is required, with tunnels to (3) or more scrubbing centers. Do contact Akamai for country specific availability dates.

For additional perspective - see our blog from the Spring: <>